Within the MCD unit, there are four major research themes which are grouped togther in the form of four "programs".

Each team is affiliated to one or several programs (RNA biology, CellDyn, STADE and CODE).


RNA biology and RNP complexes


Stem cells and development


Cell-cycle, cell dynamics and mechanics

  • Batut, Control of neuronal identity in the zebrafish
  • Benazeraf, Heterogeneity and Plasticity in Vertebrate Morphogenesis
  • Bensimon-Brito, Cardiovascular homeostasis and regeneration
  • Besson, Cell Cycle & Cancer
  • Davy, Cell-cell communication in the mammalian nervous system
  • Krndija, Gut Development and Homeostasis
  • MAMBO (Weiss), Mathematics for biological imaging
  • Merdes, Microtubule organization in cell division and differentiation
  • NEUROCYCLE (Pituello), Role of cell cycle in cell fate decision
  • Suzanne, Apoptosis-dependent Morphogenesis
  • System biology team
  • Theveneau, Cell Dynamics - EMT and Directional Cell Migration
  • Tournier/Gachet, Spatio-temporal control of cell division
  • Wang, Cell migration and cancer
  • Zanet, smORF peptides in Drosophila Development and Diseases

Chromosome organisation, dynamics and evolution