Within the MCD unit, there are four major research themes which are grouped togther in the form of four "programs".

RNA Biology strives to unravel the role of small and non-coding RNAs during ribosome biogenesis, imprinting and gene expression, but also mRNA stability and decay.

Coordinated by Anthony Henras, DR CNRS, and Béatrice Clouet d’Orval DR CNRS

CODE (Chromosome dynamics, maintenance and evolution) strives to understand the molecular mechanisms regulating chromosome conformation and transmission, DNA repair and transcription, and the role of the dynamics of nuclear architecture in these processes.

Coordinated by Gaelle Legube, DR CNRS, and Philippe Rousseau, MCU UPS (LMGM)

CellDyn (Cell cycle, dynamics and mechanics) aims at understanding chromosome segregation, cellular proliferation and signalling, cell mechanics and apoptosis and the morphogenesis of complex tissues.

Coordinated by Magali Suzanne, DR CNRS, and Julie Batut, CR CNRS

STADE (Stem cells and development) employs genetics and molecular techniques to study how genes impinge on the acquisition of specific cell identities and behaviours in an integrated context.

Coordinated by Alice Davy, DR CNRS, and Cédric Polesello, CR CNRS