General presentation

MCD scientific strategy

The Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology (MCD) Unit is one of three CRS-University of Toulouse units forming the Center for Integrative Biology in Toulouse.

In 2021, MCD comprises 26 teams structuring the activity of more than 200 people of which 130 are permanent.

Research at MCD is dedicated to fundamental research in life sciences, at scales ranging from single molecules and macromolecular machines to tissues/organs and whole organisms. MCD teams aim to decipher the molecular mechanisms that underlie normal as well as pathological conditions using a variety of model systems/organisms. The challenge MCD teams have set is to embrace the shift in fundamental life sciences towards approaches generating large datasets, from primarily genomic/transcriptomic and live cell/super-resolution or high-resolution electron-microscopy imaging, through implementation and development of cutting-edge technologies including organoids. MCD teams will continue fostering interactions with colleagues in mathematics and physics aimed at producing models that not only describe complex biological systems but also provide insights to orient future research.