PhD program – Student association

The C2PO association for "CBI's PhD and Post-doc Organization" was founded in 2020.

Its objectives are to promote social and scientific interactions between young researchers (PhD students and post-docs) of the different units of the Center of Integrative Biology of Toulouse, to create and maintain a professional network and to gather information useful for the researchers' careers.

In general, it provides a framework to organize events intended for and/or involving future doctoral students, PhD students and post-doctoral fellows of the CBI: training for doctoral school competitions, conferences, seminars, sports activities and various events.

C2PO is collectively managed by the members of the board, elected among the college of doctoral students and post-doctoral students of the Center for Integrative Biology.

More information about the CBI PhD program

The board is currently composed of :

    • President : Marie Zilliox
    • Vice-President : Alix Meunier
    • Treasurer : Claudie Carron
    • Vice-Treasurer : Nour Sghaier
    • Secretary : Clair Chaigne
    • Vice-Secretary : Ines Noureddine
    • Event team : Louis Devers, Nathalie Bastié, Vicente Xavier & Djamaa Atamena
    • Communication team : Hicham Sekkouri Alaoui & Côme Stellio

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